Jacksonville, FL     October 8-9, 2015

The Lean Economy: People, Process, and Prosperity

During the 2014 Lean Accounting Summit the community celebrated its 10th year.  It continues to grow in size, knowledge and impact on the lean enterprise.  Also during the Summit leaders from a variety of organizations gave their vision of the next decade for this community.  While the Lean Accounting community has substantially developed, it remains with much more knowledge and lessons ahead.  This is exciting!

Understanding and executing the holistic lean enterprise is still under discovery and I believe that the Lean Accounting and Lean Management communities will be the ones developing this knowledge and practice.  One of the critical developments is how the lean enterprise fits into, but more importantly underpins, what I call the lean economy.

The lean economy will be a critical development for the Lean Accounting community during the next decade.  Through developing and practicing with people and processes the Lean Accounting & Management communities will impact and illustrate how to achieve a higher level of prosperity.  This will be the intersection of these communities and the lean economy.  And we plan to be at the forefront!

Jim Huntzinger
Lean Accounting & TWI Author, Lean Practitioner,
and Industrial Historian

Two Summits. One Location. One Set of Dates.

Lean Frontiers is pleased to announce the inaugural Lean Management Summit to be held concurrently with the Lean Accounting Summit. What does this mean? You can choose from breakout sessions in the Summit for which you register, BUT ALSO attend breakout sessions from the OTHER Summit. Basically, 2 Summits for the price of 1.

Who Attends the Summit?

Join more than 500 top-level executives from across the globe for what has become THE catalyst for change in progressive, forward-thinking companies like Boeing, LaZBoy, Capital One, Buck Knives, Cummins Inc., Glad Manufacturing, Parker Hannifin, Wahl Clipper, The Wiremold Company, Textron Inc., and hundreds more, large and small, private and public. Join us and gain a competitive advantage!

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