San Antonio, TX      August 25-26, 2016

The Lean Economy: People, Process, and Prosperity

The Lean Accounting Summit community continues to grow in size, knowledge and impact on the lean enterprise, but much work remains. This is exciting!

Understanding and executing the holistic lean enterprise is still under discovery and I believe that the Lean Accounting and Lean Management communities will be the ones developing this knowledge and practice.  One of the critical developments is how the lean enterprise fits into, but more importantly underpins, what I call the lean economy.

The lean economy will be a key development for the Lean Accounting community during the next decade.  With a clear focus on individual principles and practices for measuring and motivating lean behaviors, the Lean Accounting & Management communities will illustrate how to achieve a higher level of prosperity, at the micro AND macro levels.  This will be the intersection of these communities and the lean economy.  And we plan to be at the forefront!

Jim Huntzinger
Lean Accounting & TWI Author, Lean Practitioner,
and Industrial Historian

2014 Lean Accounting Summit
Opening Keynote

Bob Miller, Arches Leadership &
Former Director of the Shingo Prize






San Antonio, TX
August 25-26, 2016

12th Annual Lean Accounting Summit

The Lean Accounting Summit, and more importantly the lean accounting community, is now in it’s 2nd decade of exploring their role in measuring and motivating lean thinking. The next several years will be exciting as together we move beyond bridging the gap between accounting and lean operations, and explore bridging the gaps between accounting, lean accounting, and the rest of the organization (HR, IT, Sales, R&D, etc.). No matter where you are in your lean accounting understanding, we’ll have something to challenge you and equip you to be a strong lean leader.

2nd Annual Lean Management Summit

Karen Martin, author of The Outstanding Organization, has been quoted, “For decades now, “management” has been synonymous with managing people. Meanwhile, processes, the lifeblood of an organization, remain largely unmanaged.” It’s in this spirit that the Lean Management Summit enters its 2nd year. The Summit seeks to bring organizational leaders from HR, Sales, R&D, and more, to work in concert with Accounting and one another to flow value across the organization… across “silos” of the organization.

Two Summits. One Location. One Set of Dates.

What does it mean for you that the Lean Accounting and Lean Management Summits take place concurrently? Register for either Summit and you can choose from breakout sessions in EITHER Summit. More breakout sessions. More options. More learning.

What About Lean Leadership?

Lean Frontiers is also pleased to announce the launch of another Summit, The Summit on Lean Leadership, which takes place the same week as the Lean Accounting & Management Summits. While Lean Leadership is a different event from Accounting/Management, it IS a great learning opportunity for you and others organization. The Leadership Summit is designed for established and emerging leaders, as well as those responsible for developing the leadership pipeline.

The following illustrates this trio of Summits that are part of “Lean Leadership Week” offering something for everyone in your organization. LEARN MORE