What does a milestone like this mean to you? We’re taking this opportunity to ask some tough questions… What have we accomplished in management accounting and lean business management over the first decade? Where is this movement of accounting and operations practitioners headed? What will the next 10-years look like for you, as a pioneering lean champion?

The agenda is rapidly coming together as one of the best yet. We’ve invited 5 keynote speakers who represent organizations and publications who are leading the lean community into the next 10 years, with bold vision and credibility.

How must you equip yourself as a leader? How do you create a silo-less organization? What technologies will you need to support rapid transformation and innovation? What does a company culture look like in 10 years that can compete on a global scale? We’ll gather as to answer some of these questions and then breakout into practical, practitioner driven sessions to tie grand vision with the “monday-morning-reality” of practical next steps.

Here’s a nostalgic look back at the 2005 Summit in Dearborn, MI…